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This isn’t a book review–just wanted that to be clear and upfront so no one felt as if I had misled them.

Instead, I’m going to be talking about music! This is something I have been thinking about for a while but wasn’t exactly sure if it was something I wanted to commit to. However, given that I’ve been having some trouble posting as regularly as I would like because I simply can’t read that fast while I’m working full-time, I’ve decided to give it a try and see what happens. After all, I left the name of this blog ambiguous so I could write about whatever I wanted.

So here are the rules:

  1. I listen to a bunch of music that is suggested to me (usually through Spotify but also friends)
  2. I put the ones I like into a list here for anyone to look through if they so choose. I’ll try to include links to videos and streaming sites so you can check them out for yourself. Keep in mind that I’m not putting them in any particular order–I just like lists.😍
  3. I give some explanation as to why I like the song, along with some stuff about genre, vocals, instrumentation, etc.

WARNING: I do tend to like music on the rockier side of things so it’s likely to be in that vein.

Sound good? Awesome! Now onto the list!

If I’m Lucky by Stand Champs (2015)

This song is mostly about the vocals for me–along with some nice story-telling. The instrumentation is mostly done by an acoustic guitar, with some backing vocals and percussion. This is also the softest song on this list so I think it’s a good place to start–you know, before I scare everyone away.

What I like most about the vocals (Derek DiScanio) is that it is incredibly Pop Punk. This is a genre I listened to all the time when I was a pre-teen and have recently been revisiting over the past months; I’m currently trying to run away from the whole you-should-be-an-adult-now thing that comes with entering into your twenties (scary stuff).

So really, this song could suck but I’m so nostalgic that I’ve been listening to it… No offence State Champs.

Nervous Breakdown by Palaye Royale (2019)

This video has some disturbing images in it

This is a band I have only started listening to in the last week or so and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their stuff. I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that rock music is in a bit of a lull at the moment–which makes me all kinds of sad–so it’s nice to come across a band that actually seems to be doing something interesting.

For one, the lead singer (Remington Leith) has an AMAZING voice! I can only dream of having a raspy rock-and-roll voice like he does. More than that, there is so much character and passion in the way he sings that really enhances the driving nature of this song in particular.

In terms of music, one of my favourite parts about this song is the quieter section (probably the chorus but I’m not super versed in musician-speak) right before the drop comes crashing in. I feel like this really fits with what the song is talking about because breakdowns and panic-attacks kind of sneak up on you–everything can be fine and then suddenly all you want to do is run away to a dark corner and be left alone. It’s an interesting way of having the progression of the song sync with the lyrical content.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Set It Off (2014)

I actually heard the acoustic version of this song first, so it was really the lyrics that I found interesting, at least to begin with. This might have something to do with my weird fascination with fairy-tale imagery though. Still, this song is a bop.

I mean, the drums on this song are explosive–right down to having the song begin with them.

More than that, the vocals (Cody Carson) are fantastic. I love the tone. But really it was the theatricality that caught my notice on the first listen. Near the end, there’s a part that’s almost just talking and the amount of character he is able to portray with just his voice is wonderful. Gosh, listen to me gush…

I also love how there’s some brass in it, which isn’t something you get a lot of in music like this.

Taking Over the World by Coyote Theory (2017)

There are lots of things I could point out about this song that I enjoy, but can I just draw notice to that bass? I don’t usually notice the bass in songs but this one dominates.

There’s a section in this song that reminds me a lot of the drop in Young and a Menace by Fall Out Boy… but less tripy…and technically this song came first. Also, the drums during this section are worth some notice too. I don’t know anything about drums on a technical level but I feel these. I think seeing them play live would be an amazing experience. Not to mention a little piano based section that strips everything back before crashing back into the YaaM part.

Okay, enough talk about music because it’s getting me too excited and hyper. This was a really fun post for me to put together though so I hope people like it and don’t feel like I’m drifting too far from what they expect from me. I’ll still do the book stuff but this was a nice change for me–hopefully you feel the same. And if not, that’s cool too.

Let me know in a comment if there is anything you think I should listen to, whether it be knew or an old favourite.

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