2:52 From Happiness | ‘People’ by The 1975 [Song Review]

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Okay, so this is happening.

Not only have I had to wait while Matty Healy said there would be new music and then get disappointed when it got pushed, but I had to endure that countdown on their website for 3 whole days. And now the wait is over and *curse words* what a track!

I’ll just leave it here for those who want to listen to it:

Note that this video has images that can trigger seizures. Also there is explicit language.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on music than you are aware that I like punk music. I’m always looking for new music that fits into that genre… but I was expecting something slightly different from The 1975–to put it mildly.

I was slightly confused when I saw the thumbnail for this video and my first thought was, “is that Matty?” Then the screechy guitars came in with the pounding drums and I was instantly at attention. This was not going to be another Sincerity is Scary. And then Matty started screaming.

Look, I loved that last album. I’m all for synth-pop and smooth grooves. And while I enjoy Give Yourself a Try, probably more so than some other people, it didn’t get me very hyped for the eventual full-length album.

But this… I will be staying up as late as I have to in order to listen to this album the moment it comes out. I’m not going to make any grand claims about the quality of this song because I want to sit on it for a bit (let the adrenaline calm down) before I make a decision about how I feel about this song–especially in relation to their other work. But I’m all kinds of hyped, which is what a lead single is meant to do.

This is definitely going to be a dividing track for their fan-base. If the rest of the album fits with this track–and please, please have the rest of the album sound like this!–than that divide will be substantial. However, they’ve always been a band that shook up their sound and make the music that they enjoy regardless of what others might think.

The people are shook. Now make them listen.


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