Forever Emerald [Musician Spotlight]

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Another band that I’ve only gotten to know in the past couple of weeks but whom I’m really excited to watch and see what they release in the future. I’m not going to go as far as to say that I love everything they’ve released so far but there does seem to be the potential for amazing things to come from this pop-punk band.

Side note: I feel as if pop-punk is all I listen to these days… Perhaps it is time to diversify a bit before I get stuck in one genre (what a terrifying thought).


Image from their Twitter

This is a five piece band that was founded in Los Angeles: Devin Papadol (vocals), Brodie Higgs (guitar), Taylor Fischer (bass), Leah Sly (guitar), and Gio Hernandez (drums). They met at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where they were all earning degrees.

If you want to know more about each of the band members you can check out their website.

It’s clear that Forever Emerald take influences from bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy, which seems like a good baseline in my opinion.

Candy (2019)

This is the first song I heard of this bands and while the music video doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, the song is a bop! I mean, that chorus has been stuck in my head on-and-off for a week now.

Not only are the vocals really good on this song, the lyrics are pretty clever too–not always the case with upbeat tracks.

Giving me cavities,

Leaving holes in your stories

Even the line that is repeated in the chorus “synthetic sweet/ you rot my teeth” stuck out to me as something rather clever. I’m not saying they’re the best lyrics around–my bar for amazing lyrics was set by Ryan Ross though so it’s rare for anyone else to impress me–but it’s much better than I was expecting from a fun breakup song from a relatively new band.

Also, that key-change on the last chorus: beautiful. Just different enough to shake things up and draw my interest back to the song.

Blame Game (2019)

I really love the ethereal vocals that are in the background at the start of this song. It sets up the slower pace and really shows off what Devin can do with her voice. In fact, she has one of the best voices I’ve heard in modern music so I sincerely hope that people start to take notice of her.

The guitars really shine in this song–from those starting riffs to the solo before the bridge. Even that little flourish right before the chorus is wonderful since there isn’t much happening for the guitars during the verses so it lets the guitarists have their moment.

There is also a nice transition from the quieter verse to the chorus. I don’t want to say the chorus slams into you–it’s more like I suddenly realise that the music has been building up to that point and now there is all this complexity to the instrumentation.


I contemplated whether I should go through their whole EP, Safer Space, since it’s relatively new and only five tracks long but when I finished listening to it I didn’t know what I would have to say about those other tracks that I couldn’t say about the above ones–which are my favourites. I probably could have made it work but I’d rather keep this short than have a whole lot of nothing to say.

Overall, I think the EP is fine. It’s a great start and I certainly think that there are some amazing things in this band’s future but it didn’t wow me. I’m going to be keeping an eye out for new music though and will give whatever they release next–whether it’s a full-length album, an EP, or a single–a listen. Maybe you should too.

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