‘So Tired’ by Crawlers [Song Review]

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At the moment, this is the only track that Crawlers has released that I’ve been able to find (there are some covers around the internet but this is the only original one). I think it says something about how I feel about this track that the idea of there being only one track makes me rather sad. I really wish that there was some more material for me to listen to so I can make a decision on the band as a whole. Seeing as we only have this one, I’ll just have to make due.

Overall, it’s the dusty, old rock feel that really drags me into this song. I knew that this song had the potential to meet expectations the moment it started with this very theatrical sound. I mean, those pounding drums, provided by Ben McKeown, that underlie this track have something very tribalistic about them the just makes you fall into the song. And the use of the brass when it comes in and out throughout the song is a very interesting and unusual choice for rock music. Brass is not something that gets pulled in to rock and roll on a regular basis but when it is, and it’s done properly, it’s a very interesting sound to layer in with the guitars and drums.

It has this gorgeous build up to the chorus that you think is going to crash into you and almost drown you in sound but it doesn’t. I thought that this would make me feel like there wasn’t enough pay-off but it works so smoothly that it just makes me want to jam out the moment the chorus comes in.

It’s not every day you get a female lead vocalist who is able to capture that dusty-rock sound properly (think PJ Harvey). There’s something so enchanting in the way the vocals are performed by Holly Minto. She has this wonderful mix between the slang-sound that comes with rock music while still having clear enough diction to create a very crisp sound to the voice. It would be very easy for this song to become mumbly and sedated but she has a way of injecting this kind of burst of energy with her vocals in the way that she hits certain consonants.


Mostly, I’d love to see more from this band. Both in terms of original content and posting performances even if they’re covers. I’m curious about how their type of sound translates into other works and at the moment it’s just a little hard to grasp what they’re going for with the band. And if my only complaint is that there isn’t enough content, that has to say something about how excited I am to see what this band does next.

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