‘Hang on to Yourself’ by Palaye Royale [Song Review]

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This is a song that had a little bit of a slow burn for me. It wasn’t the kind of song that I automatically knew that I enjoyed it right away. That’s not to say that this is a song I hated on first listen. On the contrary I thought it was a very good track but there was something different about it that I wasn’t used to hearing from Palaye Royale. This is fine because if they sounded the same as they did during the Boom Boom Room era I would be disappointed so it’s great that they’re switching up their sound for The Bastards era.  

As always, Remington’s vocals on this track are incredible. He’s one of those voices that I wish I had–like if I could switch voices with anyone for 24 hours he would definitely be the person I picked. There’s just such a wonderful rasp and punch to the way that he approaches his vocals that I find so mesmerizing. It makes it easy to listen to the music over and over again when you have a lead vocalist who’s that good. At the same time I know that there’s more diversity to Remington’s voice than what we’re seeing on this track. That’s neither good or bad given that this song had a very specific vibe to it that putting in those textural moments just for the vocals would have felt forced. Still, it makes me a little bit sad that I didn’t get to see some of those dynamics from Remington in this instance.  

There’s some really interesting production stuff happening on this track that I didn’t expect from Palaye. I love the use of brass throughout this song which is not something I expected to hear from this band. And the muted guitars, the beat building up to the chorus, the speeding up of the beat before we slam into the instrumentation where the title of the track gets repeated over and over again–I mean it just creates good vibes. The distortions on the guitars adds some wonderful textual as well.

Okay, but is this lyric:

Friday black out guarantee

Full of cocaine champagne

Enter the sleaze

Palaye Royale

A reference to this:

Champagne, cocaine, gasoline

And most things in between

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time by Panic! at the Disco

Because the two seem suspiciously similar and I know Palaye is a fan of Panic! (as we all are, really). I couldn’t help making the connection even the first time I listened through the track.

While this isn’t my favourite track to come from this band in the last year, it’s certainly one I don’t mind coming back to. I’m super excited to see what kind of sound this new era will provide.

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