‘Massacre, The New American Dream’ by Palaye Royale [Song Review]

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Yes, it’s finally time for me to properly talk about this track!

I will admit that when I first here this band I was pleasantly surprised but not particularly wowed. There was a lot of potential with the incredible vocals and some pretty slick instrumentation but I couldn’t help but feel that they were missing some of the bite that makes rock music so amazing. Needless to say, they’ve found their teeth.

Also, anyone else getting a serious Alex from A Clockwork Orange vibe from Remington’s makeup?

This is a protest. This is how we feel about the current state of America. We need to put an end to gun violence.

Quote from their Twitter


I’ve said it before but that drop at the 35-ish second mark hits me right in the face–which I assume was the point.

Remington comes in with some serious yelling vocals and does a fantastic job of pulling back into a chestier placement for the pre-chorus.

Generation Y, Generation why are we

Why are we so casual ’bout these casualties?

There’s this single-note, slower guitar melody that plays during the chorus that contrasts so wonderfully with the chaos of the rest of the song, cutting through all the bass and procession.

The rifle-loading sound (I don’t know anything about guns) at the end of the first pre-chorus was a nice touch too.

Low Points

If I had to critic something on this track it would have to be that sometimes Remington’s vocals get a bit lost in this mix and for a song that is clearly passionate about what it has to say, it’s a shame that some of those words aren’t as clear as they could be.

But I’m nit-picking at this point.

Favourite Part

Got to be when everything cuts out and Remington whispers “new american dream” before everything comes crashing back in at full force right at the end. It’s so ominous and jolting–a perfect ending for a song like this.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I mean, It was my favourite song to come out last year, what other rating could I give it? If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you do and definitely keep an eye out for new releases from this band–The Bastards Era is looking awesome.

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