EP Review | ‘Passive’ by Madrona

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This is an EP I was super excited to listen to! Madrona is one of those up-and-coming bands I think has a lot of potential and deserve to get more notice in the near future. There’s so much energy to their music–I would love to watch them live–and do an excellent job of mixing up their sound from song to song while still having a style of their own. Honestly, I’m just happy to have a decent new rock/punk band to listen to.

This album is a decent length at 6 track, which is nice since 3 of them were previously released. I’ve already talked about those 3 tracks so I won’t spend much time on them.



The first couple of tracks on this EP remind me of Bring Me the Horizon but closer to the sound they had during That’s the Spirit (which is really the only album I care about from them). What really matters is that there is a distinct;y modern sound to this album while also bringing in influences from the 90’s music scene. They find a really nice balance between the two.

I’m not a Lunatic

I’m just a little bit off

I’m a little bit crazy

This pills is picking me up

From Lunatic

The scratchy guitar in Lunatic is an interesting choice and really brings out this idea of chaos and being unsettled that the song is going for. The drums really stand out for me in Quiet Disaster–I can’t help but hand-bang.

David Southern’s vocals are so solid in this album. They go from light and soft, like in Fashionably Late, to raw and raspy, like in Quiet Disaster, all the way to some well controlled screams. Southern’s performance on Matches is mesmerizing.

I wake up every morning just be out of place

I crave my bed, that I don’t wanna make

From Matches
(honestly, same here)

As always, Fashionably Late is the bop I need some days. I just put that track on and dance and I automatically feel better no matter how crappy my day has been. Add to that the super fun music video and it just feels good.

Low Points

There were a few moments on re-listening where I thought some points in songs didn’t quite match up to the quality of the rest of the song.

Spinning is still my least favourite track (you can look at my previous post for my thoughts on it) but it’s still a fine song. And honestly, I still let the song play every time I listened through this album instead of skipping it so even as my least favourite I’m not annoyed with listening to it or anything.

Favourite Track: Not Gonna Miss U

Yep, the loud, gritty song that ends this album is definitely my favourite. This is the song I first fell in love with when I first discovered the band so I might be biased but, I mean, listen to that chunky, pounding guitar! Here’s what I had to say about it on my last post about Madrona:

This is the song that got me really excited about this band–and, subsequently, is why I’m writing about them now. The instrumentation on this track is intense. From those starting little riffs, that has an almost Queens of the Stone Age vibe to it, only to slam into you with the drums and pounding electric guitar.

The vocals are more intense in this track too–letting Southern show off the rasp and distortion he can get out of his voice.

The bridge works really well in this track since it offers a moment in which the vocals and the instrumentation ease up before launching back into the chaos of the chorus.

If the rest of their music comes out like this than I’m definitely looking forward to a full album.

I mean, this is great and all but I’m still waiting on the full album–this EP has only made me more excited to see what this band will become.

Conclusion: 4/5

Just go listen to this band. I don’t really think I need to sell them to anyone because if you enjoy rock music then just listen and you’ll understand. This was one of those EPs I listened to and about five minutes in thought “this is a good album”. By the end of the first listen I was like “THIS IS A GOOD ALBUM!” so yeah, just listen to it.

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