‘Junk Rock’ by JunkBunny [EP Review]

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There were multiple times while listening to this EP when the instrumentation would change up or the vocal medley would go in a direction I didn’t expect and I adore bands that can do that. There’s a playfulness to this album in the way it is constructed, as if JunkBunny is doing what it wants regardless of what it expected of them and I respect that. There’s so much music nowadays that is far too predictable. I’m not going to say that this is a fantastic effort but I enjoyed it and I’d like to see what the band decides to do next.

I mean, I was singing along on my second listen through so that has to say something about how catchy it is.

Genre: Rock


I would like to take a moment and mention that not only is this a really cool EP but it was also produced by Howard Benson. You might not recognize that name–few people look at a music producer when their picking music–but he’s done a lot of really awesome stuff. Notably: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance

I’d like to state that I found this out after I’d decided I liked their music–and the EP as a whole–but I still think it’s pretty cool that a band this young is working with people like Benson.

I’ve already mentioned my love of unpredictability but let’s break that down a bit, shall we?

This album doesn’t start with a slow-burn–it slaps you in the face with drums and electric guitar and starts running. There are some really amazing guitar moments in this EP, especially in Sedona. It starts off with an acoustic guitar only the break into this chunky, electric–and some powerful bass from Cayden Diebold to go with it.

The vocals are good all around but I love the choice to have a descending chorus in the first track Take You Home. It’s a little thing but it adds so much texture to the overall sound of the track. It was the first song I listened to from this band and it was this odd chorus that grabbed my attention.

Low Points

There is certainly something missing from this album. It’s not something I can specifically point out just that it don’t feel satisfying to get to the end. I understand that this is an EP–a debut EP at that–and therefore isn’t the sum of what this band is capable of but it does feel as if the album is a few songs they happened to have written and finished so they put them together on this album.

I’m interested in listening to a full-length album to see how these songs will fit in a larger context and if they’ll be able to pull together an album that feels like an album instead of a collection of singles.

Favourite Track: The Difference

The drums do not let up in this track and I’m here for it. They stutter through the verses only to pound through the chorus. Then there’s this little flourish at the end of each chorus that always makes me scrunch up my nose I like it so much. It always gets me headbanging. Some really amazing work from Jack Douglas.

The layered vocal on the chorus are really nice–the vocals in general are nice on this track. This was the song that I caught myself singing along to by my second listen to the album. The vocal slides are subtle but they really show off the control Mac Johnson has on his voice.

There’s this high, super buzzy guitar in the bridge that I love


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Let’s just say that even though I’m optimistic about this band I also acknowledge that they’re young–both in the age of the members and as a band. That’s not to say they couldn’t go on to blow my mind with their next release (and I hope they do) but there’s something to be said for experience. They’re going to need some time to grow before they can really find their stride. I only hope they get the chance to do that.

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