‘Ready to Love’ by Emarosa [Song Review]

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Synth-pop is something I’ve gotten into more over the last couple of years and I’m honestly super happy the style is coming back. From the first couple of seconds of this song I was overtaken with a sense of nostalgia–which can either be good or bad. I’m not a very sentimental person so depending on how many “wasn’t being young awesome?!?” moments there are in the song I could hate it.

Luckily, this is not one of those songs!

It feels like a summer song (which makes it odd that it was released in November 2019)–something you would put on for a road trip or something (I write this like I a) enjoy summer and b) go on road trips but neither is true).

Also, I read somewhere about them taking influence from The 1975 and, while it’s perfectly fine for Emarosa to admire whatever musicians they want, I can’t hear it in their music… Am I crazy? Did I miss some obscure song? I mean, it’s not like they’re Pale Waves where you can definitely hear the influence.


The vocals from Bradley Walden are silky smooth and really help set the mood of this track. Which is interesting because while listening to some of their other songs I know that Walden can have some grit in his vocals too so it’s nice to see the control he seems to have. Whereas in this track they start off very breathy before moving to a more chest placement in the chorus.

I don’t know–the energy of this song gets to me. I don’t want to sound float-y or anything but I do think you have to vibe with a song. No matter how good that song might be, if you don’t vibe with it then it isn’t the song for you. For whatever reason, this song has the right vibe (hopefully some day I’ll be able to pinpoint what my “vibe” is but I digress).

Low Points

The chorus in EXTREMELY repetitive which, when you listen to it multiple time so you can write down your thoughts, can get tiring real quick. In fact, there’s a lot of repetition in the lyrics in this song. This song is more about the production for me then the lyrical content. Maybe I’m missing some grand poetic layer to this song but I doubt it.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m a bit tentative about how to rate this track since it’s really fun to listen to on occasion (and just the once) but it loses something on re-listening to it–which writing this review made clear to me. It’s a bit of a shame really since some of their other songs are quite good but I haven’t listened to them enough to know if this will be a recurring theme for them. From what I have listened to, it’s the production that stands out for me. But there also seems to be some repeated tricks with it. I haven’t heard anything that blew my mind, though xo comes close.

I’m intrigued by this band but I’m not sure if I’m impressed yet.

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