‘Sirens’ by Bear Ghost [Song Review]

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It would be an understatement to say that I like this band. This is one of those times when I found something that fits the sound I’m looking for so perfectly that I’m a little bit in shock about it. I don’t even really know what “adventure rock” is but whatever it is I think I need to find more of it.

I’m talking about this track today because it’s the newest song from Bear Ghost but if you enjoy this I highly recommend checking out their other songs too.

Genre: Adventure rock

Released: January 17, 2020


Abel’s vocals are breathtaking on this track. The amount of control he has is amazing. This song doesn’t have an easy melody in general but the vocal melody goes all over the place. Still, he is able to switch around his singing style in a very playful way. That matched with his warm tone juxtaposed over a slightly eerie, off-beat instrumentation makes this song so interesting to listen to.

There’s this jittery high-hat from the drums during the first verse that really adds to the off-beat feeling of the song because it breaks up the rhythm.

I count the time I’ve pissed away in hiding

And I count on finding solace in their song

But in pacing through these halls

Digging nails into the walls

I’ve grown tired of their prying eyes a-spyin’

In the second sections there’s this slide on the bass riff that’s really cool–it has this kind of rocking motion as it slides up and down the fretboard.

I also really love the chimes/bells sounds that are throughout. It’s not a sound that I heard a lot, and certainly not to the extent that this song uses them. There are a lot of odd sounds throughout this song–especially in the instrumental after the bridge–and it just makes the song more interesting to listen to.

Low Points

If I had any critic for this song it might be that there is a lot going on, and while this can add a lot of texture to a track, there are a few moments when I thought it was a little too much. When there’s too much going on a sound or instrument all together can get lost in the mix. Even the vocals felt like they weren’t as front-and-centre as perhaps they should have been at a couple points.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is one of the bands I’ve discovered over the last year and I’m super happy I did. Their sound is something I keep trying to compare to other stuff but the truth is it’s in a whole different space from what I’ve heard before. There are layers of sounds, both analogue and digital, that create this epic soundscape for the listener. I mean, this isn’t even the oddest song I’ve heard from them. Super excited to see what comes next for this band.

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