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While I was somewhat hesitant about this EP considering the odd tendency artists have had lately of using lowercase and periods in their song titles, this one at least has some talent to make up for it. I was instantly intrigued by melancholyism. as the first track I heard, not only because melancholy is something I can relate to but also because of that funky guitar work.

That’s not to say that I was completely sold of this style either. While I like parts of it–in fact the majority of the parts–there does feel like there are too many said parts for it all to come together. It’s almost heartbreaking because they’re so close to doing something amazing.

That being said, it is an interesting EP, and I mean interesting in a complimentary way. I listen to a lot of music and to get me to focus on a sound not because it’s something I usually listen to but because you’re simply doing something I wouldn’t have expected is difficult.

But this band managed to do it.



There’s a very clear retro feel to this EP that makes me think of artists like The 1975 and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Especially the guitar riff in melancholyism. reminds me a lot of The 1975 since it’s along the same lines of that funky, 80’s-era vibe.

The dream quality to the instrumentation of I wanna be cool. is memorizing. There are quite a few things about this song I don’t enjoy but it does create a really nice vibe if nothing else.

There are a lot of moments when the bass is front-and-centre for me and I love that. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for bassists for I’m always trying to listen to what they’re doing anyway. Plus, it makes the beats stand out nicely.

Low Points

There are a couple of songs that go into a more hip-hop realm–and while I’ll admit that it isn’t a style I’m particularly fond of–it just feels like it clashes with the overall vibe of the beginning of the EP. More so, it feels a bit off within the context of the songs at some places too. i wanna be cool. is probably my least favourite song on this album and I honestly went back to this album a couple times and only listened to the first two tracks.

Originally they had the songs in a different order in their melancholyism. EP which I had some issues with since it ended out with a couple songs I didn’t particularly enjoy but this track order works a lot better. so am i. is a great addition to their discography and ending with melancholyism. instead of yours truly. leaves the listener with a much nice vibe.

Favourite Track: melancholyism.

I’m an annoying enough music fan that it kind of hurts me to have the most popular song be my favourite–and I considered giving the honor to better. instead–but the truth is that the vibe of this song is not only the best on this EP but it’s also part of the reason I even know who Super Whatevr are.

That guitar gets me every time I listen to this song. Even when it comes back after the bridge I always smile. It’s so choppy and yet blends super well with the rest of the song.

Also, the bass. I know I’m a bit hyper-focused on bass but, like, it has this little stutter to it during the chorus and just adds to the guitar riff and amps-up the funky quality.

So I’ll sing it by myself

Or play it in the room

‘Cause I’ve nothing left to do

But be alone

Oh, and there’s also singing and lyrics and stuff. Sorry, got excited about the instrumentation. I think part of the reason this song really works is because Skyler McKee’s vocals tend to stay in the same placement throughout the EP. There’s not a lot going on with the vocals in terms of tricks–it’s just a really pleasant voice to listen to. And the style really works for a song the centers around being melancholy and wanting to stay inside.

Rating: 3.5/5

An extra .5 just because I really do love melancholyism. However, as an overall EP, it was a bit of a mixed basket for me. Nothing that I would ever call terrible but everything from really impressed to skip every time if it comes up in my suggestions. It was still enough to make me interested in what else the band had to offer and there are a few other songs from their Never Nothing album that I quite like so we’ll see what else they will come out with.

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