’11:44′ by COUNTERFEIT [Song Review]

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COUNTERFEIT is a band that’s been in my suggestions before and while there are things I enjoy about their sound, there wasn’t anything particularly intriguing about their music for me.

That is, until this song.

It was such a switch in what I thought this band was that I actually didn’t make the connection to other songs I had heard until I started to dig back through their music.


This song has such a Royal Blood feel to it. The guitar and bass here makes me think of I Only Lie When I Love You which is a pretty high compliment because I love that song–and a lot of that love comes from the guitar.

I really enjoy the sing/talk vocals. There’s something about the cadence with the guitar riff that works really well. There’s a little bounce to the song while lending to the aggression that is intended by the song.

The second verse is when this song really got my attention from a lyrical point of view. I mean, any song that begins with “Raise your middle finger” is bound to get my attention but I felt like it wasn’t until after the first chorus that the lyrics really got to the heart of what the song was trying to say–or at least articulated it better.

And the scene from the screen tears a hole inside of me

Don’t tell me this is living ’cause it feels like a disease

I love the imagery throughout of sickness and political unease being interchangeable. I know that’s not exactly a new concept but the way they say it was interesting to me. Especially when they compare it to being aware of the sickness as medication for it and the difficulty that comes with swallowing a pill but the result is beneficial.

Low Points

The first thing I thought of as a critique for this song isn’t actually about this song at all.

Hear me out but I’ve listened to a bunch of their other music and none of it was as good as this to me. Now, this can either mean that they’re getting better–which is what I want to believe–or it’s one of those anomaly songs that some bands get and not much else.

It’s still an awesome song regardless but I’d like to see where the sound of this band goes before I make a decision about them since them getting lucky and making a great song would change my opinion on the song itself.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I honestly love this song more and more as I listen back to it so who knows how I’ll feel about it in a month or so. For me, really the only thing keeping me from rating it higher is the fact that their other songs fall short for me.

I know it’s not exactly fair to judge this song based on how I feel about the others but I do feel like if I had found other songs that impressed me I would feel more confident in rating it higher–because I’d know they could do it again. At the moment, I’m not sure if this is a new direction for the band or just one spectacular song.

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