‘Turn You On’ by Cherry Pools [Song Review]

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This is a song I didn’t pay much attention to the first time I heard it… that is, until it got to the first chorus and then I started dancing against my will. It’s such an infectiously upbeat song that I was fully grooving to it by the time it had played through that first time.

And then I listened to it again. And then I had to know who these Cherry Pools people were.

Needless to say, this is my new obsession. The synth-based dance-y tracks from this band are exactly what I need right now and I can’t wait to hear what the band releases next!


The bass is so bouncy in this song that you can’t help but dance along with it, and there are these moments when there’s an octave jump or a slide or something that makes the lower part of the bass riff hit in a very satisfying way.

The synths are really amazing on this track too–they add this very nostalgic sound to the mix. I’d go into more detail but I don’t know anything about writing music on synths so I’ll just say I like them and maybe future-me will understand why (a girl can dream).

The double guitars really fill out the chores and have a nice bright quality to them that puts a lot of energy into the track. I especially like that they’re not overpowering and it’s still easy to hear all the other parts of the song–including my beloved bass.

Low Points

While I love the vocals on this track, I think we can all agree that the lyrics are not one of its strong points. I can see that this is supposed to be a fun, dance-y song so I wasn’t really expecting there to be deep, philosophical lyrics. However, I do know that it is possible to write poetic lyrics for an infectiously dance-worthy song. But I won’t drag this out since I understand the intention of the song and I’d like to check out more of Cherry Pools’ music before I decide whether or not I like their lyrical writing.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love this song and really want to see what other music comes out of this band. It’s exactly the right mix for the fun, sunny day music I like to listen to when I’m dancing around my flat doing chores like the dork I am. In fact, I’ve already added it–along with a few other songs by Cherry Pools–to my playlist for such occasions.

I think we all need something upbeat and makes us feel good right now so why not put on this track and dance around for a little while?

Any other songs or bands you want me to listen to and talk about? Leave suggestions in the comments!

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