‘[Insert Girls Name Here]’ by The Luka State [Track Review]

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This is a band that impresses me the more I hear from them. There’s just something about the gritty-quality of their music that clicks with me.

Whether it’s the amazing vocals or the distorted guitars, this is a song I was instantly interested in. Plus, I love how the music video shows how much passion they have when they play. It’s sad but there are so many musicians I see playing now that look like they’d rather be somewhere else–but not these guys.

Besides, with a track title like this, how could I not find out what this song was?


One of the firs things I noticed about this song was that specifically on the second verse the instruments are cut back. It’s mostly drums and vocals with a few strums on the guitar that are allowed to draw out. It’s a clear contrast between this part of the song of the pounding guitar of the chorus. It also allows for the build-up to the chorus which really adds to the energy of the song. It’s a little thing but it really makes that part of the song stand out for me.

She’s playing with my emotions

Shoulda seen the warning signs

This song also consistently got stuck in my head after I had listened to it. It has an easy chorus to remember and sing along to and the guitars are just excellent. It’s a headbanger and sometimes that’s all you need to flail around your living room because concerts aren’t allowed right now…

That’s not just me, right?

Low Points

As the name suggests, this is a fairly generic love-gone-wrong song ( the rhyme was unintentional, I promise). I was kind of hoping this would have a bit more commentary on love songs and how they’re really good at saying nothing specific while also making people feel like their story is being told–you know, like fortune tellers.

Instead, this is just another one of those songs.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this song a lot but I wish it had a little more going for it to give it that staying power it needs if it wants me to remember it a few months from now.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I keep waiting for The Luka State to do something that makes me go “damn, didn’t see that coming” because even when I don’t like a musician but they surprise me I can respect that.

I actually like The Luka State so to have them do something different or out of their comfort zone would make me a live-time fan.

For now, I’ll just have to awkwardly head-bang to the music they’ve already released. There are worse fates.

Any other songs you want me to write about? Any bands that you are shocked I have never written about and how dare I? Leave suggestions in the comments!

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