‘Favorite Poison’ by Fuller [Song Review]

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I don’t know about you but my playlist of upbeat and fun music has increased a lot in the past couple of weeks. Probably why most of the music getting suggested to me now happens to fit into that vibe.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time sitting around trying to find the motivation to work on those projects I always told myself I would get around to once I had the time. Which means that taking a dance break is a must in this new, weird normal I’ve found myself in.

Which is the reason I came across this song right here!

This song is just a good vibe and goodness knows we need more of that in our lives.


Would it be bad for me to just say the chorus is the best part? Like, no explanation whatsoever? No? Okay…

I think part of the reason the chorus is so catchy is the little vocal slides on the word “high”. It had such a nice texture to the song and it’s a playful way of emphasizing that word and the different meanings that go along with it.

For me a lot of what gives this song the dance-vibe it has is the drums. I love the quickness of them right at the start of the song and the mixing of the claps into them as the song progresses.

Low Points

This is a very chill song that leans pretty hard into the metaphor of love–or at least attraction–being linked to drug use. I will admit that these are not two topics I’m well versed in. However, it’s not a particularly original idea.

There’s not much to this song I can say I haven’t heard with other music but it’s a bop and it’s good at what it is–a fun song about love and…drugs? Look, it’s a good song but it’s not trying to do anything fancy.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

This song is a little more low-key then I tend to gravitate towards but it’s a lot of fun to sing along with and to maybe dance a little. It doesn’t feel like it over-stays its welcome and the lyrics never got on my nerves even if they are on the simplistic side.

Sometimes all you need is something that will make you smile and has a good vibe, and that’s what I get from this song.

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