‘Guys’ by The 1975 [Song Review]

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I’m not sure if releasing a bunch of songs before the album is a good idea–and I haven’t even been particularly impressed by the music The 1975 have released so far–but, damn, this song has a lot of feels and I don’t know what to do with them.

I think we’ve all experienced the somber, reminiscent quality in this song when it comes to friendships. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a sentimental person but even I sat there lulled by the cuteness of this track.

It just makes you feel good.

It came quite easy that song, but I think I just wanted to write a love letter to friendship, as opposed to every love song being about our romantic relationships. I think that our friendships are obviously our most formative relationships. So shout out to the homies.

Matty Healy, from AltPress.com


What makes this song feel right for this album–at least what I’ve heard of it so far and what I’ve learned from the band about making it–this is an album that really plays around with the progression of the band over the years. There are even winks to songs that came out before they declared themselves “The 1975” and became the band we know today.

So having a track that goes back to the beginning and reminisces about how the band was really just a group of friends who love to create music and wanted to do it together is unbelievably sweet.

The best part? It feels genuine.

As someone who doesn’t express these kinds of feelings well, I can appreciate a band that is known for poking fun at itself being able to create a song that feels real and gets to those soppy feelings without having to break into comedy.

Low Points

If I had to point out something I didn’t like about this track is would have to be that it felt a bit muddy at times. Most of the sounds happening in this song seem to morph together and overlap to the point where it can be a bit difficult to distinguish them from each other.

I’m willing to concede that this adds to the sentimental vibe they were clearly going for but for a band that can have all kinds of strange and intricate soundscapes in their music, it would have been nice to have more distinctness here.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I think part of the reason I’ve enjoyed The 1975’s music for so long is that I too lean into sarcasm and cynicism a lot easier than sentimentality. The tongue-and-cheek lyrics and playful instrumentation of their songs has allowed me to connect with what they were saying better than something purely built on emotion.

So to have them write a song like this that is about to take something that could be laughed at for being sappy and be earnest enough about it that it makes you emotional instead is pretty amazing.

An excellent way to end the upcoming album and I’m super excited to hear what else they’ve come up with.

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