‘In A Rush’ by Tarah Who? [New Release]

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The second song of the Kurukulla sessions is out! The Ladies of Tarah Who? Have chosen to play a very old song called “In A Rush” .  A song written in 2006, when Tarah made the decision to move from Paris, FR  to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of music.  Here, the Ladies of Tarah Who? Are taking a break from the agressive punk rock you may be used to. 😉 we hope that you still enjoy! 

@ormeoryou : sound engineer, mix

@coralie.herve : drums 

@tarah_g._carpenter:  vocals, guitar 

@trxcymbals @blackstaramps  @fender @ernieball @vicfirth @tarahwho

Producer: Nupur Mehrotra (@nupsmehra) and Apoorv Arora (@apoorvarora_10)

Director: Lena Baez (@lenisa.films) 

DP: Maria Quintana (@ninapapalote) 

1st AC: Jude Abadi (@judeabadi) 

2nd AC: Rigel Y. (@rigelyaluk) 

Gaffer: Junbai Z (Kay) @kay_kay_hey

BTS: Ale Rubiera (@alerubiera)

Find the Band on:

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