Interview with Memoire by Eternal Scene Rising [Guest Post]

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This post was written by Emocentric from Eternal Scene Rising!

What’s your name and role in the band?

My name is Jeff and I’m the vocalist in Mémoire!

You guys just released your new EP, is there any story behind it that you would like to share?

The E.P. is about the process of moving forward and how difficult it can be. The songs aren’t about getting better it’s about the frustrations of learning to love yourself. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish and I don’t think you can fully recover from certain things but if you keep at it every day and face things head on you feel more in control instead of being at the whim of your issues and letting them effect you negatively. Take control, it’s not easy but eventually it’s necessary!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

We really took our time to plan everything out, but there’s always things that you could’ve done better or planned better. You learn with every release.

If you had to describe your personality with one of your song titles, which one would you choose?

My Solace

Speaking of My Solace, that video was pretty awesome! And the beach looked so unreal.

Thank you haha, we filmed it at Rodeo Beach in California!

What was that like?

It was really fun, Dana Willax is an amazing director and made it all happen, really grateful for the experience and result!

What is the funniest thing you’ve done while drunk?

Hold a doll and pass out right in the middle of everyone on a table, it was a long night haha.

A lot of artists have said their vocals are better when their drunk. As a vocalist, would you agree with that?

It’s the same drunk or not drunk, when you practice something over and over you can usually turn it on and off. Just train yourself to be ready to scream no matter what, where, when, etc.

And while we’re talking about screams, a lot of people say that it doesn’t really take any practice and anyone can do it, as a professional vocalist, how long did it take you to get your vocals where they are now?

I don’t think I’m “pro-level” yet, I’m still learning and always taking in critique from my peers. I’ve been screaming since I was 15, it’s been almost 11 years strong and I feel like I’m just starting to recently understand my voice and how to improve it step by step. You can’t skip to the end you have to work at it everyday, especially in the beginning.

If there any advice you would give to someone who wanted to learn to scream?

Master your basics.

Do you guys have any over told inside jokes?

“CLEFFFFTTTTTT” is a constant one haha
It’s absolute nonsense but it never gets old.

What’s a typical practice like for you guys?

Going to our drummer Carl’s house or MDV, practicing our asses off and then going to Buffalo Wild Wings after. We love wings so much. Haha.

Being in a band, and seeing shows from the other perspective, what do you think surprised you most about being a musician?

How genuine you have to be onstage, your energy is everything. People can sense things like doubt and nerves. I’ve learned how to keep my composure no matter what.

What do you love and hate most about playing shows?

I love when everyone starts to let loose, sing along, and get rowdy! I’ve always enjoyed the energy of heavy shows there’s nothing else like it. I hate having to go to the bathroom in venues. It’s very rarely a good experience.

With how far you guys have come, how does that feel, and if you could go back to when you first started this band, is there anything you would tell yourself?

I don’t think we’re even close to where we want to be yet but we’re going to put in work until we are. If I could go back to the beginning, I’d tell myself to be more proactive with certain things and not put them off just because it’s the holidays!

Going Track By Track Of the Album:

Hara Kiri –
The song title was inspired by the Japanese phrase for suicide, the song itself is just an intro to the E.P. it’s a song about being exhausted mentally.

No Sol –
No Sol is about that intense feeling of anger you get after someone betrays you or does something really shady.

IDNY is basically the same except it’s more on the “I’m moving on from this now” kind of message, it’s a f– you song to people who think you can’t do anything without them.

Still Healing –
That song is more about introspection and learning how to change things about yourself that lead you to get hurt or get you stuck in bad habits/cycles. Part of moving forward with life is admitting your own faults and not just blaming everyone else or the world for bad things happening to you.

Wander –
Wander is the turning point song, it’s a very uplifting song lyrically. You kind of hear all the common themes from every other songs come together and conclude the story.

What is your favorite thing about the underground music scene, and what do you think separates it from the mainstream?

The underground music scene is so genuine and honest, mainstream music is just too refined for it to sound organic most of the time.

Do you wanna shout out to some other bands that the readers should check out if they like you guys?

Check out any new band that comes your way, you never know if you’ll like them until you listen!

Is there anything you wanna say to close with?

Thank you to everyone who is showing their friends our music, the best kind of promotion is from friend to friend. Keep it up and hopefully we’ll be able to hit the road as soon as all this is over with! We’re eager to hit the stage and write more music!

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