‘Savoir Fair’ by We Three Kings [Song Review]

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Background from the Band

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, UK with a balls-out  sound that blends fuzzed up blues-rock into three minute mini miracles of pure joy.  

With Rich on vocals and guitar, Ben on bass and Pete on drums, their riff-driven guitar-heavy sound is  perfect for a playlist alongside Rival Sons, Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone AgeWolfmother and The White Stripes

Savoir Fair marks the band’s return from Covid-enforced hiatus, telling the story of a dark & twisted night,  with mysterious consequences. A razor sharp reminder of the power of monstrous riffs turned up to 11. 

An unpretentious live act with a massive, balls-out sound, previous releases have been supported by Classic  Rock Magazine, BBC Introducing, Planet Rock Radio & Amazing Radio among many others. The band’s  entire back catalogue is available to stream or download across all digital platforms.

Life-Long Love of Grunge

I am such a huge fan of grungy rock music from the UK that I get excited when I find a new band that fits into that sound. I don’t know what it is about this kind of music from places like Manchester that makes me fall in love with a song, but I guess it’s just one of those sounds that fit my soul so perfectly. I blame The White Stripes for how I’ve turned out. Which is my uncle’s fault, so I guess we can blame him.

Whatever the case may be, I love the mixture of grunge and blues that are found in this song, especially in the way that the vocals have this very playful register. There’s something about the agility that rock singers have with their voice for they can have a very aggressive forward sounding vocal and then dip into something more of a darker tone that I find interesting as a listener and as a vocalist. Rich does a great job with this song and being able to emphasize specific phrases, and he’s got really good control and tone to his voice.

I do find with music like this that because a lot is going on with changing the tone of the guitars and bass to make it buzzier can make the overall mix sound a little bit muddy. Especially with something like grunge where there’s kind of a muted sound to the mixing anyway, there’s not a specific instrument that is being emphasized more throughout the song or putting the vocal forward. And I think there’s a little bit of that with this song but not in any way that made me feel like I couldn’t listen to the lead guitar line if I needed to or listen to the drums if I needed to or listen to the lyrics if I needed to. So it had all of the wonderful grunginess with those fuzzy guitars and manipulated vocal tones without losing any of the clarity.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall I think this is an interesting song that fits with my taste in music. It makes me curious to see what else We Three Kings have to offer, and I’m going to check out some of their other music. I’m glad that they reached out to me and wanted me to talk about this song because it’s right up my alley, and I hope that when I listen to their backlog that I am similarly impressed. I’m hoping that there’s something with a little bit more of a dancing tempo to it. I’m thinking like ‘Lightning Bolt’ from Pearl Jam. I love that album, and part of the reason that I love it is that it is a grunge album, but there are dancing songs in it. I like an upbeat bop, and finding bands that can find the balance of that rocky/blues/grunge sound and also can make something that makes me want to dance is just a beautiful moment.

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