Fatality (w/ Josh Abbott) [Musician Interview]

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Who inspired you to make music?

We have loads of inspirations from all different genres of music to be honest. Some of the bands we listened to growing up that inspired us are the likes of Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, Machinehead etc etc. Watching those bands go from obscurity (in that the genre at the time was only just coming out of the underground) to being some of the biggest bands in the world and playing sold out arenas and festivals was a huge inspiration to us.

What is your creative process like? Do you start with lyrics? Instruments? Concept?

We usually just jam until we have something we like. Our song writing algorithm is very loose in that aspect. Once we’ve jammed something that we like we will build a structure around it, write some lyrics, demo it so we can listen back, refine and perfect it then finally we’ll record it in the studio.

What do you feel is the best song you have released/written and why?

Probably our newest track ‘Saviour’. We all pushed ourselves to bring out our best for this one (especially myself) and it’s a track we’re all really proud of. It mixes our heavier and lighter styles and it’s about a subject very close to all our hearts in mental health. It’s one of those songs that we can either open or close a set with and I’m sure the breakdown at the end will get people bouncing.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Book your own shows. We’ve had so much trouble in the past with promoters either not making an effort to promote and organise a show properly or trying to take advantage of bands on the bill by charging them or taking the door money along with other things promoters shouldn’t be doing. We started booking our own shows back in 2018 and we’ve never looked back. We could just make sure that everything is done properly and fairly. Obviously if someone we know and trust or someone with a good reputation wants to book us then we’re more than happy to do that, especially for the bigger shows that need a whole team of people to work on.

If you could be any kind of cookie, what would it be and why? (Most important question)

This is going to be a really unpopular answer but I absolutely love ginger! So I’d say like a ginger and chocolate orange cookie. And that’s just made me salivate.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Well we weren’t really around when the internet wasn’t a thing. Of course we all grew up still going to the local music store. I think the “in” thing at the time was cassette tapes so we either had those or CDs (which hadn’t been around long). But today it’s a whole different story with the invention of streaming and even with the invention of downloading Mp3s. It’s made all sorts of music from grassroots to stadium bands accessible and it’s made it so much easier for smaller bands to get their music out there. It’s pretty much eradicated the need to be signed by a label to “make it” as you can be hugely successful and popular as an independent artist these days. This has opened up a world of opportunity for bands that wouldn’t necessarily have had opportunities or access to opportunities 20/30 years go.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

It would 100% be the fact that some people out there, managers, promoters, agents and others take advantage of inexperienced or young and naive bands and artists. It’s not only by ripping them off either. There’s so many people that have been taken advantage of in unspeakable ways in the hopes of achieving their dreams and goals. It’s absolutely disgusting that this happens in what is otherwise such a wonderful, creative industry full of amazing talented people.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I can down a pint in about 2 seconds. It’s quick but not quick enough to break any records so it’s pretty pointless.

When you’re done with music, what do you want people to think when they talk about you and your work?

We would like people to have enjoyed our music and shows. That’s the reason we do this is for enjoyment. We’d also like to have people talk about the messages in our music and maybe have some sort of emotional connection to us because of that. I think, in a way, if they do have that kind of connection the they would have enjoyed our music anyway.

What is your most recent project/upcoming project?

We just released our latest single ‘Saviour’ which you can find on all streaming sites and apps. We’re releasing a new track every 6-8 weeks whilst we’re still not able to play live shows so there will be something new coming in the next month. Once we get the go ahead to play live again we will be tirelessly booking shows up and down the country to bring live music back to the audiences that have missed it so dearly.

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