‘Plastic’ by Blitz Union [Song Review]

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Many people have expressed their views on plastics and the problems associated with them, with their overproduction. But no one cares how it is the other way around. What do plastics think of people….?

from Blitz Union

When Light and Dark Combined

I like that there’s a mixture of syths and more heavy metal instrumentals on this song.

Not only does it add to the futuristic imagery that is both in the music video but also in the lyrical content, but it also helps to keep the song from feeling too weighed down.

I find that when people are writing heavy metal music, the instrumental has too much weight in it. It just feels muddy and like a lot of different elements are mixing instead of being distinct and elevated at specific points. Making something louder isn’t the same as making it feel elevated in energy.

I also like that this isn’t only something that happens with the instrumental, but also with the vocals.

The vocals can switch between a much heavier and darker sound and a much lighter and brighter sound. Not only that, but they have quite a good range on them as well, so when those switches between darker and lighter sounds happen, it helps play with the energy levels of the song, and it makes it sound far more dynamic than if it was just one or the other.

Fun in Simplicity

I think it should also be pointed out that even on my second listen through this song, I sang along to it.

I think many people who critique music or think critically about it look down on the idea of simplicity in music. While I enjoy certain complexities in a track, a chorus is meant to be simple and easy to sing along to. That’s why it’s repeated lots of times, and it’s why it’s usually the catchiest part of the song and the part that everybody knows. Because you’re supposed to know what the chorus is so that you can sing along, that’s the fun of recognizing the song that you like.

So I like that the song is so catchy that I only had to listen to it once to sing along and find myself enjoying listening to it.

Personification of Plastic

It’s an interesting idea to personify a material that we use so widely.

I don’t know how many of you guys watch Doctor Who, but in that show, there’s also this alien race that animates plastic objects and that makes them very invasive because plastic is something that is used everywhere, especially in the western world. There’s a horror element to the episodes with those alien creatures and there’s also a horror element to this song’s narrative voice.

Not only in the effects that are put on to the vocals themselves but also the idea that something like this is everywhere and it’s so pervasive, and it’s something that isn’t just going to disappear once you throw it out.

I also really like the line where they’re talking about how even if plastic is single-use, it’s also the future.

In your face, in your food, in your water, in your body, on your skin, in the air, everywhere, 

Single use, the future is all mine 

Not only is it the future because it lasts for a long time even after it has been used that one time but also because we’re using more and more of it as time goes on. And while it can feel a bit like a horror story, the future is plastic, and I think that something like that should make us nervous and uncomfortable.

I also really like how the music video itself leans into depictions of a possible future and the horror elements therein. It’s an unsettling visual for a topic that should make people more uncomfortable than it does.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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